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Keeping up to date with product enhancements on LinkedIn can be tricky. Here’s my tips for what recruiters should be up to date with this quarter: New product enhancements in the Recruiter package help recruiters use the data available to be better strategic advisers.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter New Product Enhancements for Staffing Professionals

Date Published: March 20, 2015

Commentary Product Enhancementsfrom LinkedIn: “We’ve added to LinkedIn Recruiter to help you reach the one right candidate faster. Two LinkedIn Recruiter gurus will share new advancements in Search and what’s coming in 2015 from LinkedIn Talent Solutions to make you more successful.”

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2. Meet the New Search Insights Experience

Date published: June 12, 2015

Commentary from LSearch InsightsinkedIn: ” Get a quick overview and tour of Recruiter’s new search insights experience. Learn how to leverage search insights in LinkedIn Recruiter to increase your own understanding of your target talent, provide your team with insights about the market for talent, and be a strategic advisor for your company.”

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3. Meet the New Personalised Search Experience

Date published: February 18, 2015

Commentary from New SearchLinkedIn: ” Search learns from the real pro: You. Get a quick overview and tour LinkedIn Recruiter’s new personalized search experience.”

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And one not to miss : some pointers on how to improve your boolean search to ninja levels:

Become a LinkedIn Search Ninja : Advanced Boolean Seach

Date published: November 14, 2014

Commentary from LinkedIn: “Glen CBoolean searchathey, author of the Boolean Black Belt blog, share how to extract maximum value from LinkedIn’s massive professional network through human capital data retrieval.”

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Back in 2014 I got very excited about Facebook, it’s new Graph Search and a company who’ve developed a sourcing tool over the top of it (called Work4 – A Facebook recruiting company)
Here’s what I posted then:

Since the beginning of 2014 Facebook has been beta testing a new pillar of its product called ‘Graph Search’. Not everybody can use it yet, but it is a search engine that is designed to find friends of friends. You can search geography, job title, status updates etc. So a search might be “find everyone (me and my friends know) in Manchester, who works in IT, who posted that they hate their job”. 

For the last 9 months Facebook has been encouraging users to update their education and employment history so that this search will work better. They have also introduced a new ‘special skills’ category on user pages. Data shows 90% of users already update their location and education information, and roughly two-thirds fill in their occupation. 

This search functionality alone could be really useful if a company we’re working for already has a good community of followers on its company Facebook page – it makes it possible for a recruiter to start to search through them effectively. 

On top of that, this US based company, Work4, has just launched a new search tool this month which makes improvements to the Facebook search and also enables recruiters to send an email to the potential candidate (for a small fee just like LinkedIn) with a link to the job on their careers website. 

It’s really the start of a very big thing. Facebook has over a billion users (compared to LinkedIn’s 200k) and, although companies like Work4 suggest that Facebook is best at sourcing blue collar jobs (such as nursing, truck drivers and those in the restaurant industry), with a good search tool, there should be no reason why professional recruiters can’t use it too. 

Food for thought anyway.