Finding the time to write a blog at work is pretty hard, if you ask me. 

So this blog started in July 2015 as a project : my challenge was simply to record some of the output from my working life as the Director of Innovation for recruitment outsourcing firm, Resource Solutions, and get a better understanding of blogging as I went along. 

The posts initially will be a collection of recruitment tech reviews and case studies, with a few thought or opinion pieces thrown in about what we have learnt. A bit of unplanned haphazardness until some sort of theme starts to prevail. Let’s see how that goes! 

As for me, I have a recruitment marketing background, and have spent the last decade advising our clients how to cultivate their employer brands to attract and retain the best talent for their businesses. 

I am a geek who loves gadgets and tech. I particularly enjoy trend watching in the wider world of consumer marketing and seeing which habits, expectations and tech make the silo-jump into our smaller world of recruitment. 

I live in London, work 3 days per week and am mum to an exceptional (obviously!) 7 year old daughter. 


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